How to Register With Us: New Patients

New Patient Registration

All New Patients except children must register online. Registration forms for children must be printed off, completed and posted to us.

We are currently open for new patient registrations from, patients who live within our area (*see our area details below).
Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic we are asking that you DO NOT come in to the Practice.

Quote / Testimonial:

New Registrations applications take 3 days to process please wait at least 3 days before contacting us.


All Adult Registration Forms must be completed online. Please click on the link and follow the instructions.

We are not able to accept registrations unless they are through the above link.  If you cannot get the link to work then go to

Questionnaires you may need to complete (at the moment these have to be printed and emailed to us)
Diabetic Questionnaire
Asthma Questionnaire
ADHD Self Reporting Scale 
ADHD WEISS Functional Impairment
ADHD Patient Questionnaire


Please download and complete the 2  registration forms for children  and post them to:

New Registrations for Children
Richard Verney Health Centre
6 Bristo Square

Child NPQ & Consent Form (2020) or Child NPQ & Consent Form (2020) pdf format and Child Registration GPR form

For more information see NEW PATIENT INFO PAGE

*Our Practice covers the following area:

From the east end of Princes Street(not including princes street) up and including the Bridges, along Holyrood road, along the Pleasance and across the side of Holyrood Park to Peffermill Road.  Excluding Peffermill Road itself but running inside Peffermill Road to Cameron Toll, Lady Road, Liberton Road, Blackford Glen Road, Hermitage of Braid to mini roundabout, Braidburn Terrace, up the inside of Comiston Road leading on to inside Morningside Road to Greenhill then across inside Merchiston Avenue to Western Approach Road then following this up until it meets Lothian Road then Lothian road to west end and then running inside Princes Street until meet east end of Princes Street

We can also register students who live in the following accommodation;
University Accommodation