University Health Service Richard Verney Health Centre, Edinburgh, EH8 9AL

Repeat Prescriptions

At present all prescriptions will be sent to the University Pharmacy unless the patient states otherwise

If your University Health Service doctor authorises re-prescriptions for you, you will be given a ‘Repeat Prescription Ordering Form’, detailing your medicines and the number of occasions these may be re-prescribed before you have to see the doctor to review your medication.

When you require ‘repeats’, please present the form at Reception, send it in with a stamped addressed envelope or order it online. Please allow 2 full working days before collecting it. (For postal requests this will be 2 full working days from receipt of request).

Request Your Repeats Online 

You can now request repeat prescriptions online if you are signed up for online appointment booking. If you wish to use this service and are not signed up then please enquire about this at reception the next time you are in the practice or Tel:0131 6502777.

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