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University Health Service
Richard Verney Health Centre 6 Bristo Square Edinburgh EH8 9AL
Tel: 0131 650 2777
Fax: 0131 662 1813
Out of Hours: NHS 24 Tel: 111




We are no longer offering walk in Open Access Appointments at this time
Only Come in to the Practice if you already have a pre-booked appointment.
Please wear a mask and wash your hands or use hand gel before you come in.


 PHONE THE SURGERY ON 0131 650 2777


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The rules for Data Protection changed as from 25th May 2018,
Edinburgh University Health Service is compliant with the new changes.
 To see our Data Protection Notice click here 

Practice News

01 July 2019 Consent for Contact

Consent for Contact and Sharing of Information with other Clinical Services
By law we are required to obtain your consent to allow us to contact you by text, email, post and telephone re clinical matters relating to your care.
As part of your medical care we often require to share your clinical information with other services eg. Out of Hours, Hospital, Community Services and the Ambulance Service and we require your consent to do this.
If you have not completed a Consent form since September 2018 then please print off the form and return it to us or when you are in the practice ask reception for a consent form.
If you are the Parent or Guardian acting on behalf of a child then please ask reception for the child consent form.
Thank you and by updating your instructions you allow us to act promptly if we need to contact you re your care or share details with other services.
Download Consent Form HERE

15 June 2017 Text Messaging

We now use new software which allows us to send invites to patients by text message or by email rather than sending out a letter. We may also send texts/emails for other reasons, like updating your smoking status. If you do NOT want to receive texts/emails instead of letters then please let a member of the reception staff know. To update us with your mobile phone number please use this online form.
Please note that at present this Practice does NOT send appointment reminders.

09 September 2015 Our Practice Area

Our Practice Area has changed from 1st Feb 2013. Our boundary area outline is now as follows:

From the east end of Princes Street (not including Princes Street) up and including the Bridges, along Holyrood Road, along the Pleasance and across the side of Holyrood Park to Peffermill Road. Excluding Peffermill Road itself but running inside Peffermill Road to Cameron Toll, Lady Road, Liberton Road, Blackford Glen Road, Hermitage of Braid to mini roundabout, Braidburn Terrace, up the inside of Comiston Road leading on to inside Morningside Road to Greenhill then across inside Merchiston Avenue to Western Approach Road then following this up until it meets Lothian Road then Lothian Road to West End and then running inside Princes Street until it meets east end of Princes Street. We also cover those residencies in Holyrood Road occupied by UoE students. (Holyrood North and South, Sugarhouse Close and also Brae House Abbeyhill)

To check exact details of streets/areas included in our Practice area please telephone or call in to the practice.

This change will affect new registrations when our list reopens and also patients moving to a new address outwith our new area.

15 April 2015 DNA (Did Not Attend)

Between 1st January 2015 and 31st March 2015 there were 949 wasted appointments.

Between 1st January 2014 and 31st December 2014 there were 3028 wasted appointments.

These were appointments which patients booked but did not attend and did not inform the Health Centre that they no longer required the appointment.

We appreciate that there can be a variety of reasons why people do not keep their appointments but we would urge you to call reception on (0131) 650 2777 if you wish to cancel. This makes the appointment available for another patient. Appointments can now be cancelled online, if you have signed up* to the online appointment service.

(*Speak to 3rd floor reception who can arrange to give you log in details the next time you are in the Health Centre.)

10 February 2015 Smear Campaign

A Scotland wide recall system is in place for women aged 20 - 60 years to allow them to have a routine smear every 3 years.  If you receive a letter offering you a smear then please call the practice to make an appointment with a nurse on 0131 650 8241.

This program will apply until 31st March 2016

Changes to Programme

The following changes will be made to the program from 1st April 2016

Age Range - The routine programme will be for those aged 25 - 65 ( up to 70 for non routine patients)

Frequency - Women up to age 50 will be screened every 3 years and 50 - 65 every 5 years.

If you have never had sex , please write to: Laura Mackenzie, University Health Service , 6 Bristo Square, EDINBURGH EH8 9AL or email her at asking to be temporarily excluded from the recall system, informing her of your reasons.

If you wish never to be invited for cervical screening you will have to make an appointment with a doctor to discuss and then complete and sign a disclaimer form. (Please include your name. address and date of birth and if you are emailing then please put SMEAR CAMPAIGN as the subject)

Those who are due a routine cervical smear test can make an appointment with the nurse.  Tel 0131 650 8241

02 October 2014 Reminder - Travel

If you are planning overseas travel please ensure you make an appointment with the nurse for advice/immunisations at least 6 weeks before you intend to leave.

02 October 2014 ECS (Emergency Care Summary)

Improving Patient Information to Lothian Out-of-Hours Service (Lothian Unscheduled Care Service)

Advice to Patients - In Scotland we are pioneering a new method of improving patient care out of hours. When you or someone acting on your behalf contacts the Out of Hours service for health care advice or treatment, and it is helpful, thee nurse or doctor will ask if they can look up your emergency care summary from your GP medical record.

The emergency care summary states:

  1. Any recorded allergies
  2. Current Medication

The doctor or nurse is then able to know, for example, which drugs you have been prescribed, even if you are too ill to tell them.

If you do not wish the information to be available to the doctor or nurse looking after you out of hours, then please let your GP Practice know. But this may mean that they are not able to give you the best treatment if they do not know, for example, your current medication.

02 October 2014 Hot Topics


Meningitis is a rare condition but it can pose a serious health risk to young people in halls of residence or other multi-occupancy accommodation.

Patients who develop a severe, unrelenting headache with neck stiffness, or a rash that does not blanch on contact, should always contact their doctor urgently.

A vaccine is now available against Meningitis C and we strongly recommend that all new entrants have this single-dose vaccination prior to commencing at University.



A recent significant increase in the number of mumps cases has been noted in the community. New guidelines from the Department of Health recommend that any young person (aged 16-25), who has not had two mumps vaccinations should be encouraged to do so, as they are likely to come into contact with the mumps virus whilst at University.

Young people living in halls of residence are at increased risk of contracting mumps.

We would advise any patient who develops a fever with significant neck or facial swelling to see their doctor.

02 October 2014 Complaints

This practice makes every effort to provide a good service but if you have any comments or complaints, please ask the receptionist for our leaflet giving details of the practice complaints system and how to proceed.


If you are waiting for a hospital appointment to be sent out it is your responsibility to inform the hospital of your new contact details. Please phone the hospital and ask for the relevant outpatient department. Failure to do this will result in your appointment details being sent to your old address. In some cases you will be removed from the department's waiting list and require to be re-referred by your GP.


We offer our patients the facility to book or cancel routine GP appointments online. If this is something that you are interested in then come in and speak to a receptionist at the Health Centre and she will print out the details you require to log on to the appointments system.

You can request repeat prescriptions online if you are signed up for online appointment booking. If you wish to use this service and are not signed up then please enquire about this at reception the next time you are in the practice.

Please note that you have to consult a doctor at the University Health Service before you can use the repeat prescription facility.

If you have already signed up and wish to log in click here ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM

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