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University Health Service
Richard Verney Health Centre 6 Bristo Square Edinburgh EH8 9AL
Tel: 0131 650 2777
Fax: 0131 662 1813
Out of Hours: NHS 24 Tel: 111

Our Clinics & Services

Please note there are no dental or eye care (optician) services in the Health Centre and we are not in a position to make recommendations - see Useful Links for further information.



Appointments are available with our specialised asthma nurses to help those with a diagnosis of asthma achieve a better understanding of the condition and gain optimal control of it. Please ask at reception or phone 0131-650-2777 to make an appointment.

Cervical Smear Tests

A Scotland wide recall system is in place for women aged 25-65 years to allow them to have a routine smear every 3 years. If you receive a letter offering you a smear then please call the practice to make an appointment with a nurse on 0131 650 2777.


Programme from 6 JUNE 2016

Age Range - The routine programme will be for those aged 25-65 (up to 70 for non routine patients)

Frequency - Women up to age 50 will be screened every 3 years and 50-65 every 5 years.


If you have never had sex please write to:

Laura MacKenzie                                                                                                                               
University Health Service                                                                                                                               
6 Bristo Square                                                                                                                                  
EDINBURGH EH8 9AL                                                                                                                                

or email at  asking to be temporarily excluded from the recall system, informing her of your reasons.  If you wish never to be invited for cervical screening you will have to make an appointment with a doctor to discuss and then complete and sign a disclaimer form.  (Please include your name. address and date of birth and if you are emailing then please put SMEAR CAMPAIGN as the subject)


Those who are due a routine cervical smear test can make an appointment with the nurse. Tel: 0131-650-2777


Contraceptive advice is always available from the doctors and nurses. We are committed to providing a confidential and easily accessible contraceptive service for our patients

Contraceptive implants and intrauterine devices (IUd's, coils) are fitted and removed at the practice. This is done in a dedicated, long acting and reversible contraceptive (LARC) clinic.   You will need to make an appointment at the clinic with any doctor/nurse for an initial discussion prior to insertion.

For routine, or emergency contraception, please see a doctor during appointment or open access surgeries.

The nursing team can see patients for repeat contraceptive pill supplies of the following brands, also for emergency contraception.



Emergency contraception (not issued as a repeat)

Ella One (morning after pill)
Levonelle (Morning After Pill)



Please ask at Reception or phone 0131 650 2777 to make an appointment.  

Child Health Surveillance Clinics

This clinic is run by a Health Visitor and a doctor on Wednesday mornings for well baby checks and baby/childhood immunisations by appointment. Immunisations are given by a Staff Nurse.

The Health Visitor runs a drop-in Baby clinic on WEDNESDAYS between 11am & 12 noon (last weight at 11.45am) at Conan doyle Medical Practice EH16 5TY. 
Health visitors telephone number - 0131 666 5175

If you have a child under 5 years of age, please speak to the Health Visitor as soon as your family register with us so that an immunisation schedule can be worked out.

Minor Surgery

This service is only available to patients referred by their doctor.

Non NHS Work

Completion of Medical Forms - For completion of medical forms, e.g. pre-employment medicals, insurance, Camp America, Certificates of Fitness, electives/year out etc, these should be handed in to 3rd floor reception to be assessed on:

  • Whether or not an appointment is required.
  • If there is a fee payable for this work since it is not covered by general medical services.

Forms must be left for at least 24 hours after which time the practice should be contacted to ascertain if an appointment/fee is required.

If the form is for electives/year out there will be no fee but a letter confirming this is required from a Director of Studies. Without this letter a fee will apply.


Patients can now self refer to this service without seeing a GP. Visit to download a referral form. Physiotherapy advice for knee problems can be obtained from

Pregnancy Care

The Doctor in conjunction with our Community Midwives are pleased to undertake antenatal and postnatal care. Please speak to your doctor who will make the necessary arrangements.


This service is only available to patients referred by their doctor.

Repeat Prescriptions

If your University Health Service doctor authorises re-prescriptions for you, you will be given a 'Repeat Prescription Ordering Form', detailing your medicines and the number of occasions these may be re-prescribed before you have to see the doctor to review your medication.

When you require 'repeats', please present the form at Reception (or send it in with a stamped addressed envelope) and the prescription will be available by the end of the next working day.

You can now request repeat prescriptions online if you are signed up for online appointment booking.  If you wish to use this service and are not signed up then please enquire about this at reception the next time you are in the practice.

Please note that you have to consult a doctor at the University Health Service before you can use the repeat prescription facility

Travel Clinic

Our private travel clinic- We offer this service for our registered patients so please call reception on 0131 650 2777 to make an appointment.  You must download and complete  the pre travel questionnaire and return this to us by handing in to reception ideally in advance of your appointment date.  Please read the notes with the form to allow for this form to be completed as fully as possible

Please note that should your require a private prescription for e.g. antimalarials etc there will be a £20 charge for this.

If you wish to look for further information about your trip, here are some useful websites: