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University Health Service
Richard Verney Health Centre 6 Bristo Square Edinburgh EH8 9AL
Tel: 0131 650 2777
Fax: 0131 662 1813
Out of Hours: NHS 24 Tel: 111

Registering during Welcome Week
University Health Service will register new patients in the basement area of Richard Verney Health Centre, 6 Bristo Square, Monday to Friday of welcome week (11-15 September) from 9.00 am to 4.00pm.  You need to complete 2 registration forms.  Form 1 (NPQ) can be found here and Form2 (GPR) is here and can be printed off in advance.
At times queues to register can be long however it is recommended that you do register during this week.

Please bring with you TWO types of ID. One should be photographic and at least one should show your current EDINBURGH address.  If you are from overseas you will be required to provide additional documentation. Students are required to show their valid matriculation card. Please note that any new patient, whether a student or not, must live within the practice area before they can register with the practice. (You can check the practice boundary area on the here page).

Medical Treatment
You should register with a Doctor soon after your arrival in case you need medical advice/treatment whilst you are here.  If you do not register you may have difficulty accessing NHS care when you do need it.
To register go to a GP surgery and speak to reception staff.  You must live within the practice area covered by the practice and you will require your matriculation card, proof of ID eg. passport and proof of your address in Edinburgh.  If you are from Europe please being your EHIC card with you.  Dependants will be assessed and will need to provide proof of being a dependant by showing their visa/passport.
If you are already registered with a doctor in the UK then your new practice will be unable to get your previous NHS record unless you provide them with the name and full address of the GP practice.  If you have a current medical card bring that with you.  Your registration can not be completed until you provide these details.
University Health Service
The University Health Service is a GP practice based on the University campus and provides comprehensive medical care for those who choose to register as patients of the practice and who live within the practice’s designated area.  The practice is based in the Richard Verney Health Centre,  6 Bristo Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9AL.
If you are from overseas then we will not have access to your previous medical history and so if you have an ongoing medical condition you should bring details of that condition with you.  If you are on prescribed medication then not all drugs are available in the UK and some are only prescribed at hospital level.  It can take up to 3 months to see a hospital specialist via the NHS so you are advised to bring at least 3 month’s supply of medication with you to ensure that you have a constant supply and do not run out.

QUESTIONS you may have.

Our Practice Booklet can be found here
Our Practice Leaflet  can be found here

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